Personal EKG Monitor


  • It’s hard to get high-quality EKG if hands tremble easily or skin is too dry. With external cable and electronic pads, you can get noise-free EKG in any case. Take 5 mins noise-free EKG with external cable and electronic pads.
  • Quick 30s/60s/5min EKG record and analysis with/without external cables, easy to use and suitable for everyone.
  • Provide Lead I, Lead II or chest Lead measurement.
  • Sync your report to your phone via Bluetooth or to your PC via cable. Free Phone APP & PC software allows you to review, save, download and share your reports.
  • With the built-in memory, the device can work independently without a phone, allows you to replay historical records.
  • The multi-user mode makes it easy to store two users’ data separately. Suitable for family use.


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