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Boost your immunity
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Increase Your Immune Performance And Health.

  • Supports High Immune Performance
  • Boosts The Immune Response To Pathogens
  • Resistance To Bacterial Infections
  • 100% Natural and Safe

Why Virlaza is the best
Bio Supplement for Immunity?

Virlaza is a unique author’s composition and processing technology of medical plants. Fully organic formula from private Israeli company “Libi Pharm”.


Fully Organic Formula

Virlaza boosts the immune system and prepares the body's response to viruses. Fully organic formula. Unique author's composition and processing technology of medicinal plants.


100% Safe

Customer safety is our №1 priority. Each ingredient is internationally approved and safe for use. It is compatible with other medicines and does not cause any side effects.


Results within 2 Weeks

Our customers usually start noticing results within 2-3 weeks. Most often reported first results are improved mood, concentration, strength and well being


№1 for Immune System

Virlaza supports the optimal immune system, helps to prevent serious symptoms of infectious diseases, improves the body's reaction to viruses and different pathogens


100% Vegetarian

All ingredients are absolutely organic and natural, vegetarian, lactose & gluten-free. Virlaza is a bio supplement friendly for every customer.


Trusted by thousands

More than 12 thousand customers use Virlaza daily to support their immune system and overall health and to prepare the body's reaction to different viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.

How Does It Work?

The herbal ingredients have antioxidat properties and prevent hyperactivity of the immune system, Zinc and Selenium support high immune performance.

Boosting the immune response to pathogens
Patients with oxidative stress
Resistance to bacterial infections

Active Ingredients:
Functional herbal extracts for immune modulation,
Trace elements, including: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc.
100% natural and safe.
Contains extracts of glycerin, herbal tincture and antioxidant trace elements.

Latest news

The Laboratory of Pulmonary and Exercise Immunology (LABPEI) have identified that an herbal product from Israel (ImmuneCov™/Virlaza™) from Libi Pharm was able to accelerate the cardiopulmonary and hematological recovery of a severe COVID-19 patient who had several comorbidities.

The study is submitted as a Case Report and is under evaluation in the Case Reports in Medicine, an international peer review journal. In summary, this study is demonstrating that 12 days of ImmuneCov™/Virlaza™ oral administration, resulted in reduced lung inflammation, demonstrated by reduced levels of fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), improved all parameters of lung function, improved the oxygen saturation, and improved very significantly the structural aspects of the lungs, reducing ground-opacities, as demonstrated by computerized tomography (CT).
In addition, all hematological features were also improved after only 12 days of ImmuneCov™/Virlaza™ administration.

So, the potential of ImmuneCov™/Virlaza™ for recovery of severe COVID-19 patients are guaranteed, as well as a clinical trial in a near future. It can reduce days of hospitalization, days of sicknesses and mortality.

Who needs Virlaza?

Patients suffering from COVID-19, influenza, and ARVI
Patients suffering from pneumonia
Patients in the recovery/healing phase from COVID-19
People who care about their immune system and health


Functional herbal extracts for immune modulation,
Trace elements, including: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc.
100% natural and safe.
Contains extracts of glycerin, herbal tincture and antioxidant trace elements.

Shake before use! 20 drops 1 time a day on an empty stomach in ½ cup of water or citrus juice. 

There are no any side effects. The supplement is well tolerated. It is compatible with other medicines. 

It can be used for as long as required; it does not need to be “cycled” or discontinued.

People with individual intolerance to the components of a dietary supplement, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

We have a 30 day “No Questions” refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product or it’s results, we will return you 100% of the sum. That’s how confident we are about Virlaza.

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Customers reviews

Here are just a few of reviews from thousands of our trusted clients.

I am more than satisfied with Virlaza since I started using it with my whole family, including my grandparents. I think it is a necessary supplement for the prevention of different viruses and diseases. We are taking care of our seniors by gifting them Virlaza
attractive, beautiful, girl-1869761.jpg
Sophia Carla Garcia
Virlaza is probably the best supplement out there to prevent immunological diseases and to improve recovery time after Covid 19
man, smile, bold-1690965.jpg
Alex Kristianson
Doctor, immunologist
Since the last autumn, I and my wife use Virlaza to support our health and immune systems during the time of pandemics. I highly recommend Virlaza to everyone who wants support against different viruses, including Covid19.
man, coffee, people-3803551.jpg
Michael Tronsky

Get significant results Or we will return you money

We are more than confident in Virlaza’s as bio supplement’s efficiency. We guarantee you noticeable results within 2 weeks. That’s why we guarantee a 30 day “No Questions” refund policy. 

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