Vigorfrutta Mag


  • Brand: Sixtus Italia
  • Product Code: Carbohydrate

Tasty snack made of fruit juice and pulp enriched in magnesium (magnesium carbonate, magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate) with fructose and dextrose. Its formulation makes it particularly pleasant and easily digested.

Packaging: 42 g pack.

Vigorfrutta: the energy of real fruits.

It’ s a product for sportsmen containing magnesium and potassium and with Guaranã (energizing effect).

Its formulation makes it particularly agreeable and it can be assimilated.

Food snack, in the form of a 42 g solid fruit jelly, made with concentrated juices (40.6% peach and 31% orange) and lemon juice from concentrate (8% lemon), which counteracts in a natural manner the onset of hunger which may occur during the day and during a competitive effort.

Nutritional Information

  For 100 g Per serving
(2 42 g packs)
% N.R.V.*
Energy value 206.91 kcal
879.22 kJ
173.80 kcal
738.55 kJ
Of which Sugars
50.98 g
42.82 g
42.82 g
42.42 g
Proteins 0.504 g 0.423 g
of which saturated
0.108 g
0.005 g
0.091 g
0.0042 g
Dietary fibre 6.66 g 5.59 g
Salt 2.4 mg 2 mg
Sodium 0.9 mg 0.8 mg
Magnesium 161 mg 135 mg 36%

Method of use

We suggest taking 2 42g packs per day, before or during sporting activities, preferably away from main meals.


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