Non-Contact IR Thermometer Thermofinder S FS-700



Quick Non-Contact IR Temperature Detection

  • Accurate and convenient measurement for the Fever guidance
  • Measurement of Body and Object Temperatures
  • One Second Response Time
  • Large Backlit LCD Display
  • Safe and Accurate / Easy-to-Use
–         Thermofinder uses contactless temperature measurement and therefore the body temperature can be measured safely.
–         The ear type, which measures the temperature inside the ear, or the forehead type, which contact measure on the forehead, reduces discomfort caused by skin touchiness or ear insertion and it is designed as contactless by considering the possible infections of normal thermometers.
–       Thermofinder Scan measures the body temperature contactless and safely.
–       Thermofinder measure the temperature in less than 2 seconds.


Technical Specifications:

Diameter: 40(W) mm / 15(D) mm / 155(H)mm

Measurement distance: 2 to 3cm from the measuring point

Measurement point: Temple area

Measurement range: 10°C ~ 80°C

Accuracy: Body temperature: 22°C~42.5°C ± 0.2°C / Object temperature:10°C ~80°C ± 2°C

Battery: DC3V(AAA) x 2ea

Readings: 5000

Memory: 32

Country of origin: Korea


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