• Brand: Sixtus Italia
  • Product Code: For sublingual administration

Product description

Multisix is a multivitamin dietary supplement in granules for oral use available in 30 3-g sticks for oral use. It is specifically designed to assist the increased need for vitamins and minerals when involved in sports performances, in an exclusive formula for oral use with a very pleasant taste.

Vitamins C and E promote the reduction of muscle damage and protect cells from oxidative stress, while zinc helps to maintain immune functions and is essential for those enzymes which regulate cellular respiration.

Vitamins of the B Group contribute to convert carbohydrates into glucose, providing the muscle with the most efficient energy source.

Magnesium is an essential element for the transmission of nerve impulses and for muscle contraction.

Finally, Selenium contributes to protecting the cardiovascular system, assists the production of antibodies and the strengthening of the immune system.

Method of use

We recommend taking one stick in the morning and one in the evening directly in the mouth or dissolved in water, preferably away from meals.


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