Massager Wave Pulse Plus HMB–1000


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Microprocessor Controlled
–       Auto and Manual Programs
–       Soft Function / Repeat Mode
–       Intensity/Frequency: 10 levels
–       Time and Speed Control
Technical specifications:
Power Supply: 2 AAA batteries
Consumption: cca 30mA
Frequency: 1~1100 Hz
  1. Low battery alarm
  2. Soft Mode – Pressing the button lowers the intensity
  3. 1100 Hz – The program treats the area with high frequency of 1100 Hz, which helps alleviate pain
  4. Repeat Function – The unit repeats a stimulation session in a specific interval. Usable only in Automatic mode.
  5. Numerical Display – Displays time left till the end of treatment.
  6. Frequency – Graphic display of frequency
The unit delivers a gentle electronic impulse to your muscles via soft electrode pads that come with the device. By placing a pair of pads on a particular muscle group, the muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically.
–       Temporary relief from muscle pain and ache caused by daily activities.
–       Blood circulation improvement.
–       Muscular pain and neuralgia relief.
–       Relief of peripheral neuroparalysis.
–       Soothing tense and painful neck pain.
–       Alleviating pain in arms, legs, hands, and joints.
–       Recovery from fatigue after exercising or overworking.
This device should not be used in combination with the following medical appliances:
–       Electronic implantation medical devices such as pacemaker
–       Electronic life support equipment such as an artificial lung and respirator
–       Electronic medical devices attached to the body, such as ECG
People to whom any of the following conditions apply should consult their physician before using the unit.
–       Acute diseases
–       Malign tumors
–       Infection
–       Pregnancy
–       Cardiac Dysfunction
–       Fever
–       Abnormal blood pressure
–       Persons receiving medical treatment, especially those experiencing physical side effects from medical treatment
–       Skin problems or skin sensory disorders


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