DTS-3000 is a smart tourniquet system having advanced functions like automatic. IOP sensor, recording function, max pressure, 700mmHg, 7” TFT LCD touch key screen, visible alarm system with sound for safety, and a built-in battery.

►Main features

Include individual controller

Setting confirmation and convenient operation via LCD

IOP (Individual Occlusion Pressure) system

Special no-pinch cuffs of various sizes and types

Adjustment of degree settings according to the patient \

Patient status recording via SD card

►Individual Occlusion Pressure (IOP)

DTS-3000 can recommend individual IOP(Individual Occlusion Pressure) RTP parameter by analyzing oxygen saturation with an SPO2 sensor.

►No-Pinch Cuff

Our No-Pinch Cuff is our won patented technology. it focused on preventing any skin damage or blood leakage.




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